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Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Joel Moore, Giovanni Ribisi, Michell Rodriguez

Colonel Quaritch: Shut your pie hole!

Humans have discovered a planet called Pandora, rich with life and resources that they want to use.  Unfortunately for them, the indigenous, humanoid life (aka the Na’vi) on Pandora lives right on top of the biggest deposit of the mineral the humans are looking to mine.  Paraplegic marine, Jake Sully (Worthington), takes his dead twin brother’s place as an avatar that looks just like one of the Na’vi.  He plans to help the military by gathering as much information about the Na’vi from the inside, but soon learns that they might be a people worth saving.

Ah, original thought…as elusive as Robert Denby and as scarce in Hollywood as the Unobtainium (which should have just been called Oilium) that the humans were searching for so desperately in Avatar.  It also seems to be a feared concept, this “originality”.  It’s scary for studios to try something new when they know that the tried and true plot lines will rake in millions.  Though, funnily enough, it wouldn’t have mattered one bit what the plot of this movie was, as the special effects are the only thing attracting crowds.

So why not try something a little different?  Why not take the plot in a totally different direction that would leave the audience baffled and unsure of how to view the humans or the Na’vi.  Why always make humanity both villain and savior?

I guess I probably don’t need to delve too deeply into this movie, as most people have seen it and heard all the complaints.  Paper thin characters, weak acting, and a recycled plot with a message that hits you like a sledgehammer.  Speaking of recycled, has James Horner lost all ability to write new music?  It seems like most of the score of this movie is lifted directly from earlier efforts of his.  I could pick out bits from Aliens, Willow, and Braveheart, but I’m sure there’s more movies from which he’s cannibalized himself.

So anyway, instead of me going on, I thought it might be fun to have people post comments about how they would have changed the story to make it more interesting or original.  Like maybe Jake could have lived with the Na’vi for a while, thinking he’s getting info, but really they’re getting info about humans from him, then they kick him out and use the intelligence they’ve gathered to defeat the humans.  Or maybe Giovanni Ribisi isn’t so miscast…or the Colonel could say a line of dialogue that wasn’t totally cliche.  Ya know, stuff like that.  Because as it is, if you were to take away the special effects, you’re basically looking at a Syfy channel original…

When you have all kinds of airships and bombs and missiles that can do the job, don’t send ground troops into a forest filled with deadly creatures and 10 foot tall beings that want to kill you.

10 – 2 for an unoriginal plot – 1.5 for thin characters – .6 for some weak acting = 5.9