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Are you feeling down? Cynical? In need of a pick-me-up?

Sing Street.

Not a perfect movie, and a little derivative maybe, but the latest from writer/director John Carney (Once) is the kind of film that just puts a smile on your face. It’s about a group of kids who form a band in 1980s Dublin, their search for the right sound, and the lead kid’s attempt to woo a troubled girl he’s met.

Like Once, this movie involves characters encouraging and inspiring each other to pursue their dreams and talents. Though, while the end to Once was ambiguously optimistic, this one will probably just leave you cheering.

The characters are great, even when portrayed by some inexperienced actors, the music is fun, plus there’s all of the 80s nostalgia. If you grew up in that time frame, in Dublin or not, the costumes and band references will be an added layer of enjoyment.

Sometimes you need a movie that just makes you feel good, and while there are some serious elements involving family troubles, disappointments, and bullies (both young and old), the overall theme is one of triumph.  Or, at least potential triumph.