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you were SO good in Speed 2...


Samantha Morton, Jason Patric, Teri Garr

Jay: Alright, I’ve got a lot of stuff I need to do before work tomorrow.
Claire: Oh…
Jay: Is that allowed??
Claire: No, it’s fine…um…it’s been great.  I wasn’t expecting anything anyway.
Jay: Well, good.  Just keep it that way, we’ll get along just fine.

Two parking enforcement officers, Claire (Morton) and Jay (Patric), meet and develop an awkward attraction to each other.  Claire is meek and reserved, while Jay can be insulting and tends to have angry outbursts at the citizens who complain about him giving them a ticket.  The two struggle as Claire won’t stand up to Jay’s verbal abuse, and Jay can’t deal with his growing attraction to Claire.

Yeah, not a lot going on here.  Not that there has to be a lot of plotting, but maybe some character growth wouldn’t hurt the movie.  It’s basically an hour and a half of Jason Patric being a jerk and Samantha Morton just taking it in stride.  Morton is likable in just about everything I’ve seen her in, and she’s almost too likable here.  But I guess it would take someone this impossibly nice and meek to put up with a jerk like Jay.

While I did laugh, at times, at Jay’s unbelievably insulting comments, I had to imagine that if I saw a relationship like this in real life, it would make me sick.  Perhaps that’s the point, and that’s the joke, but…it wasn’t funny enough.  It just ends up not being very enjoyable to watch.  It reminded me a bit of the movie Eagle vs. Shark, with one character constantly putting down a much nicer character.  That movie had more interesting stuff in it, though.  This movie was watchable, but just sort of…blah.

It’s not a bad movie, but it’s not pleasant or interesting enough to really recommend.  Unless you really love Samantha Morton.  Or maybe if you hate her as well because you get to watch her being insulted for most of the movie.

Parking tickets are not about enforcing the law or public safety.  They’re about making money.

10 – 3 for the general unpleasantness of the relationship – 1 for little to no character growth – .5 for seeming overlong = 5.5