Well, that about does it.  A year of watching a movie every day has come to an end.  It’ll be nice to have those 2 hours back every day.

I saw plenty of good movies that I never would have watched if I wasn’t desperate for something to view that day…and I watched quite a few movies I SHOULDN’T have watched as well.  Here’s a list of 5 pleasant surprises and 5 hateful surprises from the past year.

The Pleasant:

The Band’s Visit
The Brother’s Bloom
No Impact Man
Before Sunrise/Before Sunset

The Hateful:

Death at a Funeral
Crank: High Voltage
Year One

Never fear faithful reader(s), I will not cease blogging now that this little project is over.  I’ll still review movies when I see them, and I hope to devote more entries to general movie talk.  It will be fun to post stuff that’s not in the same review format over and over.

I’ll be making a few changes around here.  Going to have to take the counter down, and alter a few bits of text.  Otherwise, it’ll still look the same.

It’s been a good year.  Thanks for all the comments and such!  It’s always fun to hear thoughts from other movie fans.  Even when they think I’m an idiot…