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I believe the word you're looking for is...awesome.


Jimmy Tsai, Jim Lau, Khary Payton

JP: Hold up.  Now you’re too tired from playin’ Ping Pong??
C-Dub: Coaching, dawg.  Responsibility’s tiring.

Chris “C-Dub” Wang sees himself as a pretty good basketball player, but his talk is much better than his game.  He wants to distance himself from all the traditional things of his Chinese culture, which leads his parents to see him as a big disappointment.  When his brother, a Ping Pong champion, and mother are injured in a car accident, C-Dub must take over teaching his mother’s Ping Pong class.  Plus, he must take his brother’s spot in a local tournament.

This is a relatively harmless, predictable movie, with a few funny moments here and there, but I’m not entirely sure who its target audience is.  It seems a little too adult for the little kids that will enjoy the more slapstick moments, but not interesting or well written enough for an older audience to really enjoy.  I think it might be going for a Napolean Dynamite type quirkiness, but there’s just not many funny things going on.

I thought Jimmy Tsai was likable enough, as an annoying character, if that makes any sense.  Some of the character development between him and his friend JP is well done too.  It’s just not enough to fill an entire movie.

There’s the typical romantic interest that’s not interested at first but is slowly charmed by the hero.  There’s the villains, in this case in the form of two Americans trying to steal students for their own Ping Pong school.  There’s training scenes, and of course there’s the big tournament at the end.  To say it’s by the numbers is an understatement.

In the end, it’s not a hard movie to watch, it’s just an easy movie to forget.

Apparently there’s controversy over whether or not Ping Pong originated in China or in America.

10 – 3.3 for being so by the numbers – 1.1 for not being all that funny = 5.6