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why do you keep glancing at my shark's tooth necklace...?


Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill

Peter: How long have you lived out here?
Chuck: Pssh, man I dunno.  I quit wearing a watch when I moved out here.
Peter: Wooow, that’s so coooool.
Chuck: Yeah…nah, like my cell phone has a clock on it, so I don’t really need it.

After Peter (Segel) is dumped by Sarah (Bell), he decides to take a trip to Hawaii to take his mind off of her.  Unfortunately, Sarah is also on vacation in Hawaii with her new boyfriend.  Peter befriends a hotel worker, Rachel (Kunis), who helps him try to move on and get over Sarah.

After a slow beginning, this movie starts to take off once it arrives in Hawaii.  Overall there were fewer laughs throughout than I remembered from the first time I watched it, but it’s still a funny movie.

Segel is really good at the whole down-and-out, broken hearted guy thing.  In fact, maybe a little too good, as his constant dreary nature occasionally brings the movie down a little bit.  But then the supporting cast – like Hader, Paul Rudd, and Hill –  will jump in with a funny scene and boost things back up again.

The strongest aspect of the movie, to me, is that all of the main characters are written with depth.  They all have their good points and their faults.  No one person is really the villain, though Sarah Marshall is the closest thing to it.  But even she has a pretty good argument as to why she strayed from Peter.  Now why she ended up with Russell Brand’s character is a whole other question.

The movie felt a little overlong and probably could have been edited down a little bit, but all in all, it’s funny, has beautiful scenery, and good performances across the board.

But…Jason…let’s just keep that towel on next time, okay?  Thanks…

Hawaii looks like a pretty nice place…

10 – .8 for a slow, unfunny beginning – 1.7 for some lulls here and there and for being overlong + .1 for their little TV show parodies = 7.6