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sorry if the men’s room is a mess, you know our aim isn’t so good

Star Wars.  For those of you who have never heard of this little movie, it came out in 1977 and did pretty well at the box office. Well enough to be followed by several sequels and a near cult-like following rivaling most, if not all, other such followings of movies.  Every little detail of it has been pored over, again and again, by the most ardent fans.

Well, get ready to learn some of those little facts and details thanks to Elstree 1976.  This is a documentary about some of the more minor actors who appeared in the film.  BARELY appeared in the film.  Or didn’t appear at all, as they were covered with some sort of elaborate costume.

You’ll hear stories about how they were cast, their interactions with George Lucas (and the stars of the movie), their lives since then, and how fans react to them on the convention circuit.  Yes, some of these people have parlayed 2 seconds of screen time into years of merchandise sales at conventions.  There is some bad blood between some of the actors who had speaking parts and the ones that didn’t, and I thought that portion of the movie was the most interesting section.

Overall, this could have been a little shorter and still made its point.  The topic is fairly interesting, especially for Star Wars fans, but it starts to run out of steam at times.

But hey, if you ever wondered what the guy who played Greedo looks like, you’re in luck!