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go inside, this house is safe...i think...maybe...

go inside, this house is safe…i think…maybe…

On two separate occasions in this movie, the lead characters find themselves in a so called “safe house”.  In both instances, the houses prove far from being safe.  People keep getting killed in the safe houses.  I think they need to change the name.

Other than that, this is a fairly adequate thriller.  I mean, there’s intrigue…and spy stuff…and betrayals…and things like that.  It will have you guessing at who the real villain is…for about 2 minutes, but then you’ll figure it out pretty quickly because it’s really obvious.

Denzel is his usual Denzel-self, and Ryan Reynolds is okay.  The cast as a whole is fine.  But the movie itself is just…there.  Not much unexpected happens, but there are a couple of good fight scenes and chases and such, if you’re into that sort of thing.

“Run of the mill”…that’s a good descriptive term for this one.  I guess it has a touch more realism than some other movies in the genre, but it still feels like something I’ve seen before…many times.