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hey look! nothing is happening over there either…

I like a lot of different types of movies, spanning many genres.  Yet, if there is a common theme that runs through all the movies I like, it’s that generally…stuff happens in them.

That is not the case with this movie.

The story, if you will, is about an engaged couple backpacking through the Caucasus Mountains with the help of a guide.  Everything is all fun and happy until a sudden, but subtle, moment.  From that point on, things aren’t the same for them.

I get the point of it.  One little incident can change the way we see or feel about somebody.  It can happen out of nowhere.  But…all of the stuff surrounding that little incident, before and after, is basically just people walking and barely talking.  And when they do talk, it’s usually not interesting or amusing.  Only the guide, Dato, is given anything interesting or funny to say.

The scenery is beautiful, of course, and the acting is convincing, but at nearly two hours, my patience wore out long before the ending credits suddenly, mercifully rolled…but only after enduring a 5 minute scene of our characters breaking down a campsite.