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i’ll shoot…and i’m a dead-eye shot, shooting…

Not a lot of fun to watch at times, but pretty well done throughout.

I could almost leave it at that, but I should probably write a little more at least.

It’s the story of a father, Kev (Hugo Weaving), and his young son, Chook (Tom Russell), making their way across Australia while on the run from the police.  Kev is a violent sort of guy, pretty much towards everyone, and even though he does seem to care about his son, that violence still spills over into his relationship with him.  Thus, the parts that are tough to watch.

Weaving and Russell are both quite good, the movie is gritty and real, and while bleak, Australia still looks pretty good.  Is that too much of a contradiction?

My main problem with the movie was that at times it just dragged a bit.  Maybe some tighter editing would have kept me focused more.  Or maybe I was just feeling particularly ADD that day, but the driving…and walking…and driving…and walking…took its toll on my patience.  Plus, the predictable ending seemed like too much of an easy way out.

Still, if you can take some of the harsher moments that make you want to turn away a bit, then it should be enjoyable.  Especially if you want to see Hugo Weaving in a role that doesn’t require him to wear a mask, sunglasses, or elf ears.