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you should get a dragon tattoo, riiiiiight there.

Always good to see David Fincher doing more intense, darker material like this.  He excels at it.  And there are definitely some dark, hard-to-watch moments here.  If you can handle those moments, and you like a good detective story, then you should enjoy this one.  For some reason, I like seeing characters piece together a puzzle.  That’s one of the reasons I liked Fincher’s Se7en, and it’s one of the reasons I liked this movie.  It’s not quite Se7en, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

I’ll hop on the Rooney-Mara-was-awesome bandwagon as well.  She is quietly menacing, yet vulnerable at the same time.

Good acting, good directing, and an interesting (if a bit over-loaded) story.  8.3/10