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Call me a movie review geek, but I really enjoy watching Siskel and Ebert reviews, especially when they have nothing but contempt for the movie in question.  There’s just something funny about watching somebody slam a movie that is totally deserving of it.  There were plenty of instances of this on their show over the years, but I’m going to go with a top 11 list, just so we’re not here all day.  And I must note that there are some reviews that I couldn’t find (like their grilling of Speed Zone) and probably some that I’m not remembering.

Some I found on Youtube, others on siskelandebert.org.  For the latter, you’ll have to actually go to the website and skip to the specified points in the video.

Proceed to the list…

11. Clifford (and Silent Tongue) –

This is a two-fer because the Silent Tongue review is on the same show as Clifford.  Go to the 5:28 mark for Clifford and 12:00 for Silent Tongue.  http://siskelandebert.org/video/BDOX9G7AMAKB/Red-Rock-West–Threesome–Clifford-1994

My gosh is Clifford an ill-conceived project.  Can’t believe it even got past the pitch stage.

10. Jaws The Revenge –

It’s impossible to talk about this movie without trashing it…and laughing about it.

9. Invasion USA –

I just love Roger’s imitation of the music score.  Jump to the 16:40 mark to see the review.  http://siskelandebert.org/video/D43URSOX277D/Jagged-Edge–Sweet-Dreams–Marie-1985

8. Frozen Assets –

Just watching the clips they show from this one is almost unbearable.  I refuse to believe that people who make movies like this don’t know that they aren’t funny.  They’re just not even trying.

7. Little Monsters –

“Repellent”, “distasteful”. and “truly creepy”…sounds interesting…

6. Nothing But Trouble –

There’s not much you can say about this movie. It is truly impossible to watch.  Absolutely dismal.  Skip to the 4:58 mark to see Roger describe exactly why you should never watch this piece of garbage.  http://siskelandebert.org/video/D41G5MNOAKDG/Scenes-From-A-Mall–He-Said-She-Said–King-Ralph-1991

5. Poltergeist III –

Carol Anne!

4. Ace Ventura Pet Detective –

I like Jim Carrey in some stuff, but I’ll never understand the popularity of this movie.  Go to 5:10 to see this one.  http://siskelandebert.org/video/3SR3A1X23KX1/My-Father-The-HeroAce-Ventura-Pet-Detective-1994

3. North –

You can feel the hate for this one.

2. She’s Out of Control –

Any movie that almost ended Gene Siskel’s career has to make this list.

1. Leonard Part 6 –

I’m so very thankful that parts 1-5 never actually existed.  How hilarious…how highly highly humorous.