So, I saw this thing that’s going around movie blogs, and I thought I’d play along.

Basically, you pick your favorite movie from every year that you’ve been alive. For me, that’s 1976-2010. Not including 2011 because it’s just getting going.

Note: I’m going by the year these films are listed under on IMDB.com, not necessarily the year they got a wide release.

Here goes Part II…


The Contenders – T2, Barton Fink, What About Bob?, Defending Your Life
Decision – T2 is awesome, and WAB is funny, but…Albert Brooks is the man.

WINNER Gimme back my pasta!!


The Contenders – Wayne’s World, Batman Returns, Patriot Games, Prelude To a Kiss
Decision – Hmm, not a very strong year…but if I’m going with the one I’ve found myself watching the most often…

WINNER I told you not to call me Junior...


The Contenders – Jurassic Park, Groundhog Day, True Romance, The Fugitive, Fearless, Searching for Bobby Fischer
Decision – This one’s tough.  Despite it’s lack of a compelling story or interesting characters, JP is still very watchable…GD is one of Murray’s best…TR is fun and has some great scenes…but I think it’s two in a row for Mr. Ford…

WINNER What's that you were saying, Junior?


The Contenders – Shawshank Redemption, Leon – The Professional, Dumb and Dumber, Ed Wood
Decision – Some great movies, but not too difficult a choice for me here.  This is for…Mathilda…

WINNER And remember, when you grow up, you're not to star in anything called Your Highness, okay?


The Contenders – Braveheart, Se7en, Twelve Monkeys, Before Sunrise
Decision – Bunch of great ones here, but Se7en is in my all time top 5, so…

WINNER And they lived happily ever after...


The Contenders – Fargo, Bottle Rocket, Mission: Impossible, Swingers, MST3K: The Movie
Decision – It’s hard to go against Mike & the Bots, but since the movie wasn’t as good as many of the better episodes…

WINNER Pointless act!


The Contenders – L.A. Confidential, Gattaca, Grosse Pointe Blank
Decision – I’m NOT just picking this because I’m afraid John Cusack will show and kill me if I don’t…

WINNER I think yer gonna want to wait til' I'm done reading it before you try to take the magazine again...


The Contenders – The Big Lebowski, The Truman Show, A Bug’s Life, Rushmore, Sliding Doors
Decision – Sic transit gloria…

WINNER Poor Bill...


The Contenders – Fight Club, The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, The Iron Giant
Decision – Wow, strong field.  But…Fincher wins again…

WINNER So...you're NOT going to let me borrow your jacket?


The Contenders – Gladiator, Memento, Almost Famous, O Brother Where Art Thou, Unbreakable
Decision – M. Night was still making good movies…strong entry from the Cohens…but along came Christopher Nolan…

WINNER Remember when I used to be pretty well known, memory man?


The Contenders – Amelie, Fellowship of the Ring, Ghost World, Donnie Darko
Decision – Wow, Fellowship is probably my favorite of the LOTR trilogy…but the other 3 are among my favorite movies.  Definitely the toughest choice so far.  In fact…

WINNERS No spoon for you!


The Contenders – Spider-man, The Ring, Insomnia, About a Boy, Whale Rider
Decision – Ugh…another really tough one.  Absolutely love Whale Rider and About a Boy, but…I think Nolan wins again…

WINNER I've never noticed how beautiful your eyes are...


The Contenders – Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo, In America, The Station Agent, X-men 2
Decision – It comes down to In America and the Station Agent…and I like Irish accents, so…

WINNER Throw another rock at the old man, daddy!!


The Contenders – Garden State, Spider-Man 2, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Before Sunset
Decision – Not that the others aren’t great movies, but…this is an easy call…

WINNER You're that guy that was so annoying in Ace Ventura, right?


The Contenders – Batman Begins, Serenity, The Descent
Decision – It’s close, but for once, Nolan doesn’t win…

WINNER Bring me that cupcake!


The Contenders – The Fall, Children of Men, Little Miss Sunshine, Stranger Than Fiction, Once
Decision – Lots of good, varied choices here.  Comes down to Once or The Fall…

WINNER Make me a pie!


The Contenders – Superbad, Juno, Sunshine, Zodiac, Lars and the Real Girl
Decision – If Sunshine had a slightly stronger finish, it might emerge victorious, but that Ellen is quite the charmer…

WINNER Honest. To. Blog.


The Contenders – The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Wall-E, Let the Right One In, Cloverfield, Bolt, The Brothers Bloom
Decision – Even though it wasn’t actually widely released until 2009…

WINNER Umbrellas!


The Contenders – Inglourious Basterds, (500) Days of Summer, Moon, Up In the Air, Ink, Paddle to Seattle
Decision – Extremely tough call…but I think Zooey is the deciding factor…

WINNER Did I mention that I want to be an architect...?


The Contenders – Inception, Kick-Ass, Let Me In, Cold Weather
Decision – Ya know, even though I rated Inception and Let Me In higher than it, this little indie movie has really grown on me…

WINNER Here's a book about cold Wheaties, but nothing about cold weather, sorry...