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sheesh, c'mon world, end already...I haven't got all day...


Don McKellar, Sandra Oh, Callum Keith Rennie, Sarah Polley, Roberta Maxwell, Robin Gammell, David Cronenberg, Trent McMullen

Rose: I don’t give a damn.  People are always saying “the children…pity the children!”  I’m tired of the children.  They haven’t lived…given birth…watched their friends die.  I have invested 80 years in this life.  The children don’t know what they’re missing.
Grandmother: Good point.

There are just a few hours left before the world comes to an end.  Some people want to spend this time with their loved ones.  Others want to spend it alone.  Still others want to explore every bizarre or violent impulse they ever had in life.

Fairly interesting movie, but a little too flat and shallow for me to really get into.

As is often the case in movies with large casts, I found myself enjoying some of the story lines and being bored by others.  I kinda wish it had just followed Sandra (Oh – yep, same first name for character and actor) throughout the whole movie rather than it being more Patrick’s (McKellar) story.  They do end up paired up for most of the movie, but it’s still more about Patrick than Sandra.

Then, of course, we get switched back and forth to other characters who are dealing with their final hours.  I guess that all could have worked if I found their stories more interesting.  I expected more emotion from people that were ticking down the last few hours of their existence.  Again, a few scenes with Sandra are the only ones that really had much emotional depth.

This general lack of interest opened my mind up to thinking about other things.  For instance, the unnamed threat to the planet seems to have something to do with the sun.  Even as we approach midnight in New York, the sun is shining bright in the sky.  This would indicate some major problems with the earth’s rotation, and I suspect that some major meteorological and seismological events would be taking place.  But aside from the added sunshine, everything seems hunky-dory.  Earth’s imminent doom just didn’t feel very…imminent.

These are the kinds of things you think about when a movie is losing you…

But I did make it through, and the best moments are at the end.  Patrick and Sandra’s new relationship (even though it feels a little forced) takes an interesting turn, and the movie as a whole develops some emotional depth that it should have had throughout.

If everybody followed that “Live everyday as thought it were your last” philosophy…the world would be in utter chaos.

10 – 3 for lack of emotional depth in most of the story lines – .7 for a distractingly underwhelming end of the world premise = 6.3