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I just love my creepy time-travelin' man...


Jean Négroni, Hélène Chatelain, Davos Hanich, Jacques Ledoux

Narrator: Nothing tells memories from ordinary moments. Only afterward do they claim remembrance, on account of their scars.

After Paris is destroyed in World War III, a man being held prisoner by survivors underground is forced to travel back in time. In the past, he meets a woman whose face he remembers seeing as a child.

So what is a movie, really, but a collection of still photos run in rapid succession in order to create the illusion of motion.

In La Jetée, it just so happens that, during its 28 minute running time, the photos aren’t run in rapid succession. In fact, there may be only one photo every few seconds (or more) rather than many frames per second. They say a picture can say 1000 words, and that’s what director Chris Marker must have been banking on.

And I gotta say, it works.

It really goes to show how much superfluous material there is in many movies when just a few photos can say as much or more than an entire scene in another movie.

If you’ve seen 12 Monkeys, then you know the story here. Terry Gilliam basically made a longer version of this movie, but did change a few things here and there. It was a disease, rather than a war, that wiped out a large portion of the population, and…well, I won’t mention the other change, as that would be too spoileriffic.

I really enjoyed the time travel method employed here. It’s based on emotional connections with ones past, so automatically we have an emotional core built into the movie right there. Though, that did make his brief jump to the future a little confusing. But eh, whatever, it still worked.

If you’re worried about the foreign title, don’t fret, the narration is in English – at least it was in the version I watched on Netflix. So, you won’t need to read any subtitles.

Besides, the photos do plenty of talking anyways…

Preserve your memories…they’re all that’s left you…

10 – 1.5 because…um…I dunno…because it seems like an 8.5 is a good rating for it = 8.5