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This movie is in French, with English subtitles


Grégoire Colin, François Levantal, Joseph Malerba, Fred Ulysse, Bérénice Bejo, Isabelle Renauld

Nicholas: Pop, gettin’ dark.  Raining too.  Better head back.
Eric: Use your light if you’re afraid of the dark!

After some of his animals are killed, a farmer ventures into the woods along with his two sons and his granddaughter’s boyfriend (or husband maybe?) to kill the wild boar responsible.  Little do they know that these are no average boar.  They’re super-boar!

There really just wasn’t much to this one.

It’s a cautionary tale with an environmental tilt, in the grand tradition of the Godzilla films…and most other monster movies.  It’s just on a much smaller scale.  We barely ever see the “mutant” boar.  Their presence if felt mostly in shaking bushes and loud snorting and squealing.  Also, they will occasionally drag somebody off into the dark.  But I gotta say, boar are not very compelling movie monsters.

The plot involves a factory, owned by one of the farmer’s sons, which has been dumping waste into the environment, some of which has worked its way into the water system, harming humans and animals alike.  It has also spawned a brood of killer boar, somehow, that are super fast, intelligent, and can flip an SUV without even scratching a tusk.

With such a silly plot, you’d think you’d be in store for a lot of goofy fun, kind of like what was experienced in The Host, another don’t-mess-with-the-environment monster movie out of Korea.  But in this case, you just get a lot of darkness, loud noises, and bland dialogue.

The characters are all standard issue monster/horror movie characters, and, aside from a few ew-gross moments, all the plot developments are less than compelling and definitely predictable.

I’m sure they were limited by budget to some degree, but that doesn’t excuse the dull script.  There’s no witty or fun dialogue to be heard (I mean, look at the quote I included above for proof of that), and none of the characters had anything interesting to do either.

There were a few effective jump-scares, and some of the gore effects were well done, but all in all, this one was…a bit of a bore.  (<– please observe clever play on words)

Don’t dump experimental chemicals into the environment.  Or, if you do, at least fence off the area first so that when the animals start to mutate, you can sell tickets to people to come see the incredible mutating animals!

10 – 2.5 for being so dull to look at – 1.5 for such uninspiring dialogue and characters – .6 for lame “monsters” = 5.4