Well, I haven’t written anything in a while…since I haven’t watched any movies in a while…at least not any that I haven’t already reviewed.

I saw this on CTCMR and decided to do it myself.

Off we go…

1. Sequel that shouldn’t have been made

Haven't I been through enough!?

Alien 3 – David Fincher did the best he could, but I just hate movies that completely negate everything that happened in the previous movie.

2. Favorite Oscar-nominated film from a recent ballot

Ew, when did you get so old?

Up In the Air – It would’ve got my vote for best picture.

3. A movie that makes me laugh every time

Piranhas are a very tricky species...

Rushmore – Really I could have put Bottle Rocket here too…or a couple of other Wes Anderson movies.  I just like the style of humor.

4. A movie I loathe

Pretty much the same look I had on my face throughout the movie...

Death at a Funeral – I only saw it once, but that was enough.  Really rubbed me the wrong way…

5. Movie that makes me cry every time

Gramma says hi...

The Sixth Sense – I simply cannot watch the scene between Cole and his mom in the car near the end without tearing up.  Well done, Toni…

6. Least favorite movie by a favorite actor

I'm sure we'll be this happy for the whole movie!

Revolutionary Road (Kate Winslet) – This is the first thing that came to mind.  I’m sure there are better examples.  Normally I love Kate, but her character bugged me, and the movie as a whole was just so mean and depressing that I could barely appreciate its good points.

7. Movie that should be required high school viewing

Please don't kill me...

High School Big Shot – Important lessons here about not trying to impress girls by committing crimes and such.  Okay, so I saw this one on Mystery Science Theater 3000.  It’s terrible.  The main kid is such a dope…

8. Best Scene Ever

Ever dance with a dinosaur by the pale moonlight?

Edward Scissorhands – I’m showing my Winona bias here, but I could watch her dance in the snow to Danny Elfman’s music all day.  It’s good in any language.

9. Movie I thought I wouldn’t like but ended up loving

Totally redeemed.

Dumb and Dumber – At the time, I was very much anti-Jim Carrey, but funny is funny…and this movie is funny.

10. Movie that disappointed

Still got it...

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – I love David Fincher and was looking forward to this one…but it just didn’t do much for me.

11. Best music in a scene

Trust me, you don't want to race me...

American Graffiti – There are plenty of scenes to choose from.  I particularly like the dancing scene where Smoke Gets In Your Eyes is playing.

12. Favorite Animated Movie

Have we met...?

Finding Nemo – I’m not real big on animated movies, but I do like the stuff Pixar is putting out, and this is probably my fav of the bunch.

13. Favorite Black & White Film

She stole my ice cream...just when I was starting to like her...

Roman Holiday – Audrey’s just so darned likable…

14. Best Musical

Or maybe not so slowly...

Once – Easy choice, seeing as how it’s about the only thing I can tolerate (and love, actually) that can also be classified as a “musical”.

15. Favorite guilty pleasure movie

What? it's just Bernie...

Weekend at Bernie’s – Yeah, I know…but I still find myself laughing at it…for some reason…

16. Favorite series of related movies

Wow...that almost looks real...

Star Wars Episodes IV-VI – It’s too bad Lucas never went back and made any prequels, eh?  That would be an interesting story to see told.  Maybe some day…

17. Favorite title sequence

They are a-changin'...

Watchmen – Probably an obvious choice, but it’s just too well done to not pick it.  The sequence gives a lot of back story, plus we get a great Bob Dylan song.

18. Best movie cast

3 man army...

The Princess Bride – Maybe a bit of an odd choice, but everybody’s so perfectly cast, and everyone contributes something to the movie.  Even the bit parts, like those played by Billy Crystal and Carol Kane, are memorable.

19. Favorite kiss

Take it easy...

Empire Strikes Back – It’s funny AND incestuous!

20. Favorite romantic couple


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – It’s not always pretty for Joel and Clementine, but you get the sense that they like each other too much to ever give up on making it work.

21. Favorite final line


Fight Club – “You met me at a very strange time in my life.”

22. Best action scene

This could end badly...

Seven – I’ve always liked the chase sequence in the middle of the movie because it’s so sudden and intense.  Plus, it has a more realistic feel than most action sequences.  When people fall down or get hit…they actually get hurt.

23. Quote I use most often

Also loves toxic waste...

Real Genius – Cheating a little here because I don’t use the exact quote, but I do use the same style joke a lot.  When Chris Knight is asked, “why is that toy on your head,” he replies “Because if I wear it anywhere else, it chafes.”  The joke being that he didn’t answer the actual question they were asking.  Try it in your daily life.  If somebody asks, “why are you sitting over here all by yourself,” you can say, “because it’s more comfortable than standing.”

24. A movie I plan on watching

The man...

Anything Christopher Nolan decides to make.

25. Freakishly weird ending


2001 A Space Odyssey – Love the movie, even the freakishly weird ending, but…yeah…it’s a strange one.

26. Best villain

There will not be a four...

Die Hard – Hans!

27. Most over-hyped movie

Welcome to hype!

Independence Day – I recall a lot of build up to this one.  Lots of previews with the white house exploding, etc.  Personally, it did not live up to the hype at all.

28. Movie seen more than 10 times

Slow ahead?

Jaws – There are plenty to choose from, but I went with Jaws because…well, it’s Jaws.

29. Saddest character death

Gentle giant...

The Green Mile – John Coffey.  *sniff*

30. Scene that made me stand up and cheer


The Matrix – When Neo saves Trinity right before the helicopter crashes into a building.


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