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I need to get that gun so we can have another scene just like the last one...


Eddie Marsan, Martin Compston, Gemma Arterton

Danny: You fit his criteria.  Rich father, female, mid twenties, only child…slim enough to carry easy.

Two men kidnap a rich guy’s daughter and keep her imprisoned in a secluded room.  Soon, one of the men seems to be having second thoughts about the whole plan…

Well, that was a pretty unpleasant film.

I just feel sort of icky after watching it.  I don’t want to describe the plot too much because the various revelations/developments are the whole point of the movie, so I’ll just say that there are definitely some unexpected twists along the way.

Not that that automatically equates into a good movie.  It doesn’t.  It’s not terrible, I suppose, but suspense should be fun, in a way.  Like how Hitchcock did it.  This movie just revels in uncomfortableness and shock value.  There’s a couple of genuinely fun, tense moments where a character might uncover something about another character, but most of the movie is just one person holding somebody else at gun point while the other person tries to talk them into putting the gun down.  It gets real repetitive real quick.

The performances are all good (they better be when there are only 3 people in the movie), and the movie is filmed well…it’s just not much fun to watch.

If you need to flush some sort of relatively heavy, metallic object down the toilet, rap it in toilet paper first or else it ain’t goin’ anywhere.

10 – 2.4 for just being generally unpleasant to watch – 1 for a lot of repetitive scenes – .8 for being pretty predictable too = 5.8