As I sit here contemplating what movie related topic I could possibly write something about, I keep getting pounded with the same thought: Whatever you’re planning to write about, many many people have already written about it…and they probably did a better job than you could ever do.

The state of modern romantic comedies?  What makes a movie scary?  Top (insert number here) all time lists?  Why try to write something that’s already been written a thousand times over?  To bring my unique perspective to it?  Possibly.  But, chances are, it’s not as unique a perspective as I’d like to think it is.  Heck, I’m sure plenty of people have written posts just like this one before.  Even complaints about having nothing original to say aren’t original!

Songwriters must go through this.  There’s only so many ways to write a love song, and you’d think people would get sick of them (as Paul McCartney pointed out), but you just have to buckle down and try to say what’s already been said in a way that nobody’s ever said it before.

That probably takes effort and energy though.  Two things I’m not always bubbling with.

However, I would like to write something here besides reviews.  That’s where you, the reader, enters the scene.  I’m hoping you’ll suggest a topic for me to write about.  Even if it’s totally unoriginal (e.g. Best Movie Twists Ever!)…or way too original (e.g. Top 10 Movie Scenes Featuring a Birdhouse!).  That way it won’t be me coming up with the silly idea in my own blog.  I can blame somebody else.  See how that works?

So yeah, leave a comment with a suggestion if you have one.  Or, if you’d rather I quit writing altogether, you could say that too…or just don’t leave a comment at all.  I’ll consider every comment NOT left as a vote for me to stop writing.  Seems logical.

Speaking of stopping…