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Piotr Jagiello, Thomas Turgoose, Perry Benson, Ireneusz Czop, Elisa Lasowski

Tomo: Why do you have so many pictures of Maria?  Is she your girlfriend or something?
Yes, she is.
Have you had sex with her?
Marek: No.
Tomo: Have you felt her bazookas?
Marek: No.
Tomo: Well obviously, her being your girlfriend, you’ve kissed her, yeah?
Marek: Not yet.
Tomo: In England, it’s sort of like a tradition for a, like a…girlfriend to kiss her boyfriend.  So it sounds to me like you’re not actually with her.  You just like her.
Marek: In Poland, we mustn’t kiss to be together.  And you think only about one thing.
Tomo: We’re not in Poland.  This is England, so…it sounds to me like she’s not actually your girlfriend, so I’m gonna try to get with her, and when I get with her I’m not going to be that comfortable with you having pictures of my girlfriend, so do you want to give me them now, or…?

A 16 year old boy, Tomo (Turgoose), leaves his home near Nottingham and travels to London.  After being mugged and robbed of all his possessions, he befriends a Polish boy named Marek (Jagiello).

Just how I like ’em, short and sweet.  At only about an hour and 10 minutes, this one is definitely short.  It also fits the sweet category as it’s basically a lighthearted story about two teens, without much in the way of family, bonding out of sheer loneliness.

Marek is quiet and tends to see the world through the lens of his camera, while Tomo is more daring and prefers more interaction with people.  Tomo claims to have no family back home, while Marek just has his father, Mariusz (Czop).  Mariusz is a nice enough guy, but works all day and then goes out drinking with his buddies at night.  This doesn’t leave much time for father-son bonding.

There’s not much plot here, or even much character development.  Yet, I still found it to be enjoyable.  I’d seen Thomas Turgoose before in This Is England.  He was good in that, and he’s good in this.  Seems like an amusing, likable kid.  Still looks like a young Paul McCartney to me too.


The movie is filmed entirely in black and white, right up until a nice little montage at the end.  I thought that choice worked well too.  It added to the bleakness that was the two kids’ lives.

Again, nothing groundbreaking or award winning here, but a watchable film nonetheless.  You’ll laugh some and root for these two kids to form a solid friendship…and maybe score a kiss from the hot French waitress that they both have a crush on…

Get to know more French waitresses…?

10 – 2 because yeah, okay, it doesn’t have much plot or character development – .8 because it could have been a little funnier here and there = 7.2