Well, I got tagged by Aiden and M. Carter in a Meme sort of thingy, so here goes.  10 movie related facts about yours truly.

Un –  My earliest memory of seeing a movie at the theater was either The Empire Strikes Back or Superman II.  Hard to believe I could remember something from age 4, but I guess it’s possible.

which image would YOU rather have implanted in your young mind?

Deux – As much as I like watching movies, I like making fun of the bad ones too.  Thus, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is my all time favorite show.

Trois – I originally hated Jim Carrey after seeing Ace Ventura and The Mask, but then I started to warm up to him with Dumb & Dumber.  Now I actually like him quite a bit, and he’s even in my favorite movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

sometimes less is more...

Quatre – First R rated movie I saw in the theater was, I believe, Backdraft.  I remember thinking it seemed tamer than what I’d expected from an R film.  Not too long after that I saw White Men Can’t Jump and thought, “okay, now THAT’S how you do an R rated movie.”

Cinq – I’ve been asked twice to be in student films for people at the FSU Film School.  I turned them both down.  One was a friend who needed some people to play Romans in togas or something, and the other was a guy in my Introduction to Short Story class who I had never met until the day he asked me if I wanted to be in his movie.  I was a little freaked out and said no, but now I kind of wish I’d at least seen a script to know why the heck he’d want me in it.  He probably either needed a zombie or somebody to play “Loser Friend #2”.

Six – I saw Jaws at entirely too young an age.  It wasn’t the shark that freaked me out and gave me nightmares for years, though.  It was…

yeah, I woulda dropped the tooth too, Mr. Hooper.

Sept – I remember one time in school when we were supposed to come up with two possible careers we’d like to do when we grow up.  I picked “Writer” and “Director”.  I got laughed at because I picked two pipe dream sort of jobs instead of something more practical.  Way to crush those dreams at an early age, society!

Huit – I don’t like watching movies with people that have to talk about them as they’re watching.  I don’t want to hear your guesses about the big twist, etc.  It’s even worse when I’ve seen the movie and they haven’t, and they keep asking me what’s going to happen.  Just watch and find out, people!

Neuf – I used to buy a lot of movie scores on CD so that I could listen to them while I read books.  If there was an action sequence in the book, I’d skip to a more exciting piece of music.  If it was a romantic scene or something else touching, I’d skip to something that was more appropriate.  It was always very satisfying when things matched up perfectly.

Dix –   About 15 minutes into Star Wars:  The Phantom Menace (probably around the time Jar Jar showed up), I turned to my friend sitting next to me and said, “Okay, ha ha, very funny, but when does the REAL Star Wars movie start…?”  I’m still waiting and wondering…

not a joke, apparently...