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Man whose name I can’t remember: Most people are on board with this…but the world never lacks for rogues.

Documentary about native Africans who are starting to realize that conserving the wildlife (which has often been seen as more troublesome than helpful) around them could benefit them.  They set up lodges and safaris for tourists which brings more money into their communities.  This approach to things doesn’t go over well with everyone though.

Another interesting film screened at the Tallahassee Film Festival.  I thought it was a little scattered and unfocused at times (like it was trying to tell too much in a short time), but it was still quite good and thought provoking.

The movie breaks down the illusion that there are huge stretches of African wilderness with no humans around.  When you see National Geographic specials about African animals, what they usually don’t show is that there’s people just off to the side, or over the next hill at the very least.  These people have to deal with these animals on a daily basis.  They are a threat to their crops, their livestock, and even their own lives.

This film is focused on Kenya, but apparently now throughout Africa there’s an effort to try to conserve this wildlife and work with it rather than just killing it.  An effort fronted by the local tribes that deal with that wildlife all the time.  They have set up lodges and preserves for tourists to visit for a more authentic African experience.

I have to say, seeing some “pink people” (as they’re called by some of the Africans) on one of these tours visiting a small Maasai village, snapping pictures and treating them almost like some sort of Disneyworld attraction was kind of sad and demeaning.  I can see why some of the African people are a little annoyed by all of this.

I’d suggest checking this one out for yourself.  See what you think about the motives and methods involved.  Africa’s been commercialized by white outsiders for years.  Guess it’s about time native Africans got a bigger piece of that pie.

It’s not just “developed” countries that have problems with conservation and hunting animals to extinction.

10 – 1.5 for feeling a little scattered and overloaded at times = 8.5