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hey, next time let's go someplace scenic, okay?


J.J. Kelley, Josh Thomas, Brian Dixon

Brian Dixon: That was a big bite.  It’s not bad…it’s not GOOD…it’s lutefisk.

Documentary about two friends, J.J. and Josh, who kayak from Alaska to Seattle in 97 days.

Saw this one at the Tallahassee Film Festival this weekend and enjoyed it a lot.  It’s not a hard hitting documentary that takes you deep inside of whatever subject it’s tackling.  It basically exists to entertain and inspire, which it does successfully.  It will educate a little bit on the areas they stop in along the way, but not a huge amount.

That’s okay though, entertainment and inspiration are pretty much enough.

Of course, it also helps that the two adventurers we’re following are highly entertaining themselves.  J.J. is sort of a combination of John Krasinski (Jim from the Office) and Jason Bateman.  I don’t have a comparison for Josh, but he’s funny too.  Also funny is the fact that they leave in a few mistakes here and there.  If a camera isn’t working the way they want it to, we see some of that.  If they screw up a planned shot or a scripted line, we see that occasionally too.  In a way, their transparency makes the viewer feel even more like they’re a part of the adventure.

Like I said, it’s not world changing subject matter or anything, but it will likely make you want to set off on an adventure.  Especially if you live somewhere close to the kind of scenery that you see in the movie.

Though, it might make you think twice about swimming anywhere near waters that cruise ships frequent.

Apparently you can get through Canadian customs via the telephone.

10 – 1 because I think it may have been even more interesting if they’d shown more of the harsher side of the experience = 9.0