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wow...almost looks real, don't it?


Christopher Masterson, Johnny Messner, Brooke Burns, Angelika Libera

Taylor: It’s so sad when you’re too tired to laugh.

After discovering that his fiancee cheated on him, Conner (Masterson) leaves her at the altar and heads off to Nicaragua.  There he meets two American adventurers and embarks with them on an attempt to hike across a barely passable stretch of jungle.

Well this was a pretty useless movie.  Pretentious too.  It makes the lead character, Conner, seem simultaneously innocent and wise beyond his years.  He eventually affects everybody he meets in some sort of positive way.  It kind of reminded me of the way Chris McCandless was portrayed in the movie Into the Wild.  Chris was a more likable guy though.

It all feels like one totally synthetic look into the jungles and local cultures of Central America.  It barely scratches the surfaces of the realities of that area, and instead just goes about romanticizing the importance of traveling around the world as much as possible, even at the expense of important relationships.

Didn’t like the main character, didn’t think the adventure they were on was realistic or all that adventurous really, didn’t understand how they had a year’s supply of beer and gasoline on one jeep, and didn’t enjoy the general theme of the movie.  There’s some nice scenery to look at, but I’m sure it looks much nicer in person than in this movie.  So go see it in person.

Why be with a beautiful woman that you’re in love with when you could be traveling around to random places all by yourself?

10 – 2 for an annoying lead character – 4 for everything seeming very inauthentic and romanticized = 4.0