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Megan who? yeah, you know I was the best thing about Transformers...


Thomas Middleditch, Rachael Taylor, Lea Thompson, Jason Rogel, Christopher McDonald

Justin: Barf city…population:  you guys.

A small town goofball named Justin (Middleditch) is scammed out of some money by a carnival worker, Galaxy (Taylor).  He meets her again later while she’s on a geocaching hunt and the two start to bond.  Of course, she has a psychotic boyfriend who doesn’t like anybody else hanging around with his girl.

This is a sporadically funny little independent movie featuring a nice performance from Rachael Taylor and a somewhat believable romance between Galaxy and Justin.

I’d say there’s a little too much Napolean Dynamite style bizarreness at times, and those moments threaten to drag the movie down, but it manages to keep its head above water due to the better moments.  Justin can be an annoying character at times, yet other times he’s actually a sympathetic character that you root for.  I mentioned Rachael Taylor’s performance, and I think it’s the highlight of the movie.  Sure, she’s attractive, but she’s not some unattainable, popular fantasy girl that you’d usually see in a silly comedy.  She’s a tattooed, carnival swindler with a nerdy hobby of hunting for hidden geocaches.  Those are little stashes of random objects that people hide and other people hunt for using GPS coordinates found on the internet.  It actually looks kinda fun.

Anyway, the energetic and independent way that Taylor (impressively hiding an Aussie accent) plays Galaxy makes her all the more believable, and makes the relationship with Justin that much more believable too.  There are plenty of things that don’t work, though.  Some of the directions the plot takes are just stupid, and some of the other characters are not believable or interesting.  And does every lead character have to have an embarrassing, loud, sex obsessed best friend for “comic relief”?  Yeah, that guy’s not funny.

Lots of ups and downs here, but overall, the lead performances and central relationship make it fairly watchable.  Not exactly high praise, but more praise than I was expecting to give it when I was about 10 minutes into the movie.

Geocaching seems sort of fun.

10 – 2 for a lot supporting characters and stories that just don’t work – 2.3 for too many failed comedy attempts + .1 for Rachael Taylor = 5.8