So, I recently made the decision that my movie-a-day odyssey would come to a close when I reached the bright, shiny number 3-6-5.  That would make it one year exactly that I’ve taken at least 1.5-2.5 hours of my day and devoted it to watching a movie.  I kind of want those 1.5-2.5 hours back.

Not that I don’t want to watch movies and review them, but doing it every day is tiring.  Costly too.  Them On-Demand movies ain’t always free!

I will continue to post about movies when I see them, but don’t come looking for a review every day.  You will have to turn and shuffle away, disappointed, head hanging.  Maybe you’ll glance back briefly, only to see me, arms crossed, shaking my head back and forth as to say, “I warned ya!  Nothing to see here.”

It’s been a fun ride.  I’ve seen some great movies that I probably would have never seen otherwise.  Though, I’ve seen some terrible ones too that I never want to see again.  I might have to compile a quick top 5 and bottom 5 list to post on day 365.

Anyway, until then, the reviews will continue…20 to go…