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you don't mind, right? I mean, I lay my head on the lap of all my male friends...


Joey Kern, Alexandra Holden, Richard Roundtree

Alison: Such a boring day to die, Tuesday.  I wanna die on a Friday.
Wes: Anything but Monday…

Wes (Kern) and Alison (Holden) have been best friends for a few years.  While Wes wishes they could be more than friends, Alison has had a boyfriend the entire time.  The night before Alison flies back to Tokyo, she and Wes get together and talk about their lives.

Doesn’t sound like much of a plot description, but that’s because it’s not much of a plot.  Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.  It’s basically just a conversation movie, and that can be great if the conversations are interesting.  I guess I just didn’t find them very interesting.  There’s an occasional moment of wit or insight, but mostly it’s just two people talking about themselves.  Go watch Before Sunrise or Before Sunset if you want to see a good conversation movie.

I enjoyed the odd dream sequence interludes more than the rest of the movie I think.  Richard Roundtree is always in them as some sort of dispenser of wisdom for Wes.  Those were more creative and thought provoking.

Another problem is that Alison is supposed to be this charming, full-of-life sort of girl, but I found her to be antagonizing, self-centered, and somewhat annoying.  It seems like Wes is just putting up with her most of the time rather than pining for her.

It looks good, has some nice music, and contains a few glimpses of interesting material, but I didn’t have much interest in the characters or their stories, which made the ambiguous ending even more of a non-event.

If you’re pining for someone who has a significant other and only likes you as a friend, don’t worry, just keep hoping they’ll eventually come around…year after year…and one day, just maybe there’ll be a slight chance that they could possibly start to have stronger feelings for you…maybe.

10 – 2.2 because I wasn’t a big fan of the characters – 2.2 because they didn’t have much interesting to say = 5.6