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hi, I'm Caleb, I'll be insulting you today...


Adam Scott, Alex Frost, Brittany Snow, J.K. Simmons, Vittorio Brahm

Peter: Are you not sleeping again?  …Caleb!
Caleb: …yeah?  …what?
Peter: How long has it been since you slept?
Caleb: I don’t know…a week?
Peter: How safe is it to drive with you when you haven’t slept?
Caleb: I’m not gonna lie to you, Peter, it’s not that safe.

Caleb (Scott) is an angry man, still hurting from a recent breakup.  He agrees to drive his brother, Peter (Frost), and his new girlfriend, Emma (Snow), to Caleb and Peter’s father’s house for Thanksgiving.  Emma reminds Caleb a bit of his ex, thus creating feelings of attraction and hate simultaneously.

Well, this is certainly an appropriately titled movie, as Caleb could definitely be described as vicious.  He will insult just about anybody in a very harsh manner, with seemingly little remorse.  Though, he does show some remorse (in the form of somewhat psychotic sobbing) after threatening Emma with physical violence if she ever breaks Peter’s heart.  Peter doesn’t know it, but his older brother has been protecting him his whole life from some harsh truths that we discover later in the movie.  Caleb also wants to protect him from the kind of pain he’s suffered at the hands of the ex who cheated on him.

Adam Scott plays the hateful older brother quite well.  You want to punch him, but then you sympathize with him…and then you want to punch him again.  J.K. Simmons is alright as the irresponsible father, but I didn’t think Snow and Frost (what’s with the cold names??) were all that interesting.  They weren’t bad, maybe just a little miscast.  Particularly Snow, who I enjoyed back when she was on American Dreams, but isn’t so convincing here.

It’s a good looking movie, well shot, with some funny and touching moments here and there, but overall I found the story to be a tad on the dull side.  It just wasn’t something that grabbed me and took me along for the ride with the characters.  Caleb is an interesting character interacting with comparatively dull characters.

I would talk about it more, but frankly I don’t remember much more about it, even though I watched it just 3 days ago…and that’s never a good sign.

Some people can sleep through a lot of noise…

10 – 2.6 because it’s not as memorable or interesting as it could be – .5 for a little miscasting – .5 for some unbelievable situations = 6.4