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hello? dread hotline? yes, I'm feeling dread...


Jackson Rathbone, Shaun Evans, Hanne Steen, Laura Donnelly

Stephen: To be honest, you’re one of the people I talk to the most…
Cheryl: Wow…you’re such a loser.

A film school student, Stephen (Rathbone), meets Quaid (Evans), a man interested in making a movie about the dark depths of human fear.  As Stephen and his editor, Cheryl (Steen), get further into the movie with Quaid, they start to realize that his intentions are darker than they originally expected.

Yeesh…this is one of those movies that makes you want to just go take a shower afterward.  It’s not as torturously violent as something like one of the Saw films, but it is bloody and grimy and all around ugly.  While it’s not exactly predictable, it’s not particularly inventive either.  It could have had some interesting things to say about the crippling nature of fear, but instead it just falls back on violence and attempts at weirdness.

The acting is alright, but nothing special, the locations are dark dark and more dark (even the hospital is terribly lit), and some of the story turns just don’t seem to make a lot of sense.  Though, if disgusting imagery is your thing, there’s one scene involving a maggot covered piece of meat that you’ll just love.

While this is a cut above other movies of its kind, I still can’t say I enjoyed it much.  It doesn’t stretch the genre boundaries or bring much new to the table.  It skirts along in interesting territory, but is still too afraid to take the plunge into uncharted waters.

Do not team up with strange, angry men for your film school project.  Especially if you have to do the filming in his creepy old house.

10 – 2 for being just too repellent for my taste – 2 for falling back on standard genre tricks and story lines – .7 for dull characters = 5.3