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I'll just be back here...loving hate.


Chris Doubek, Heather Kafka, Alex Karpovsky

Paul: I feel like when I see you guys it kind of somehow recalibrates my sanity in a way, ya know what I mean?
Rudy: That’s what we’re here for, bro…sanity recalibatrons, at your service.

Rudy (Doubek) is a depressed, angry man who has recently separated from his wife.  He wants his super successful author brother, Paul (Karpovsky), to help him finish writing a book, but Paul is too busy.  Rudy drives up to Paul’s big winter home to surprise him, but instead finds that Paul and Rudy’s ex-wife, Diana (Kafka), are there.  Rudy sneaks around in the house, trying to sabotage this budding relationship.

This is a case of a fairly interesting story and good performances being undermined by a dull script.  I just didn’t think the writing was all that witty, original, or insightful.  There’s a few good moments where Rudy is overhearing conversations about himself between Paul and Diana, but otherwise the movie just sort of passed by without affecting me much.

As I mentioned, the performances are all good, especially Doubek’s.  You can feel his frustration and anger just radiate from the screen.  He’s a needy person who constantly needs to be encouraged and reassured that he’s loved.  Unfortunately it’s taken him a very long time to figure out how draining this is on the other people in his life.

Good cinematography…good general tone throughout…it just didn’t give me much to remember it by.  Despite the good performances, I never really cared enough about the characters to care much about the movie.

Back up the files on your computer, especially if it’s something important…like a novel.

10 – 3.8 because the writing and characters just didn’t hold my attention enough = 6.2