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Le Donk...possibly about to le honk the horn...


Paddy Considine, Dean Palinczuk, Olivia Colman, Richard Graham, Seamus O’Neill

Le Donk: I feel a freakin’ Rocky moment comin’ on here!

Le Donk (Considine), a Rock & Roll has-been (or never-was) who is now just a roadie, sees an opportunity to grab on to the coattails of an up and coming rap artist and ride his talent to fame.

What we have here is a moderately funny mockumentary in the vein of This is Spinal Tap, but on a smaller, and probably more realistic, scale.  A documentary film team follows Le Donk (aka Nicholas) around as he goes to see his ex-girlfriend (who happens to be pregnant with his child), gets called to assist in setting up at a big concert by the Arctic Monkeys, and tries to promote the young rapper he’s discovered, Scor-zay-zee (Palinczuk).

Le Donk is a nice enough guy, but he obviously thinks more of himself than anybody else does.  He’s afraid to admit that he needs Scor-zay-zee more than Scor-zay-zee needs him.  This young rapper is his chance to be in the spotlight and perform in front of thousands of people.

Paddy Considine is really great as Le Donk.  If I had never seen him in another movie, I might have just assumed that he wasn’t acting at all, and that they had just found some random wannabe rocker to play the roll.  That’s more the case with Scor-zay-zee who is an actual rapper making his acting debut.  He’s pretty good too…at the acting, I mean, I’m not going to try to judge how good his rapping is.

I can’t say that the movie is as funny as it tries to be.  Though, maybe some of the British humor is over my head.  I do know that I couldn’t understand significant portions of the dialogue due to Le Donk’s thick accent.  Maybe subtitles would have helped.

There are also a few touching, sad moments where we really feel sorry for this guy who just dreams of performing in front of a large crowd.  Obviously his life hasn’t turned out as he hoped.  Not his Rock & Roll life, and not his life with his ex-girlfriend.

The movie has a realistic feel to it and contains some good moments here and there, but even at less than 1 and 1/2 hours, it still drags at times.  It just needed a stronger script to go along with the quality performances to make it a much better film.

It’s hard to understand some British people when they talk.

10 – 3.3 because it’s not quite as funny or interesting as it thinks it is (kind of like Le Donk) + .1 for Paddy Considine’s performance = 6.8