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wouldn't it be great if we had any chemistry...or if we were interesting at all?


Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs, Lizzy Caplan, Alec Baldwin

Tank: I have to work tomorrow.
Lizzy: Everybody has to work tomorrow…it’s Tuesday.
Tank: …good one.

Men who have recently been dumped by their girlfriends pay Tank (Cook) to date the girl and be such a huge jerk to her that she goes running back to the ex, realizing now how much better he is in comparison.  Tank’s friend, Dustin (Biggs), asks him to work his magic on his ex, Alexis (Hudson), but not only does it not go exactly as planned, Tank actually starts to fall for Alexis.

Eh…do I really need to even review this one?  You know how it goes.  It’s another adult romantic comedy.  “Adult” meaning lots of obscenities and sex jokes.  It’s funny that we have to get to a certain age before we can start acting so immature.

Anyway, there’s a few laughs here and there.  An accidental eyebrow shaving sequence was pretty good, and Cook’s over the top antics occasionally score a laugh or two.  Otherwise, it’s just another dull, unbelievable romance story.  They try to do something different by actually referencing romantic comedy cliches at times, like the “meet-cute” concept.  If they had done more with that, maybe it would have been more interesting, but instead it just goes back into being the very thing it seems to want to make fun of initially.

As usual in romantic comedies, the main female character’s best friend is the most interesting person in the movie.  Lizzy Caplan has a certain odd appeal to her, and I thought a movie about her character, Ami, would probably be more enjoyable.  Alas, we get a movie about somebody called Tank.

So yeah, another thoroughly forgettable entry in a long line of bland modern romantic comedies.  Will you laugh a few times?  Probably.  Will you remember what you laughed at the next day?  Probably not.

Try to hold still whenever anybody has an electric shaver anywhere near your eyebrows.

10 – 2.5 for just not being all that funny – 2.5 for unoriginal, uninteresting story = 5.0