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are you my mother?


Adam Sandler, Emily Watson, Luis Guzman, Mary Lynn Rajskub

Barry: I have to get more pudding for this trip to Hawaii.  As I just said that out loud, I realized it sounded a little strange, but it’s not.

A socially awkward (or maybe borderline psychotic) man who is prone to fits of uncontrollable rage tries to manage a romance with a socially awkward (but totally nice) woman while dealing with shady phone sex operators that are trying to steal money from him.

You know, try as I might, I just can’t make myself like Adam Sandler.  The guy just crawls up under my skin and starts screaming angrily in one of his so-called funny voices.  He’s acting a little more than usual in PDL, but that anger and obnoxiousness is always just lurking right below the surface.

I might have liked this movie more if a different actor was playing the lead role, but I’m not even sure about that.  It seems to be going for weirdness just for the sake of weirdness at times.  Plus, all of the anger, overpowering music, and fast paced editing during some scenes just built up to an intolerable level.  Obviously it was done with purpose, but I guess that’s just something I don’t want to watch.

All that said, it’s not horrible.  There are some funny moments, occasional good music, a few good performances, and at least the story is fairly original.  Not sure I bought the relationship between Lena (Watson) and Barry (Sandler), but it was pretty par for the course as far as indie romances go.  Socially awkward (understatement) guy meets sweet girl who inexplicably likes him and will overlook all of his flaws.  Just like real life!

Sometimes people leave Harmoniums on the side of the road.  They are free for the taking.

10 – 2.5 for the generally angry, aggravating, stressful, and strange feel to the movie – 1 because Sandler bugs me = 6.5