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Richard Linklater, and many many more…

Dairy Queen Photographer: No, I’m really into photography, not movies.
Anti-artist: But movies ARE photography…24 times a second.

Basically we just jump from one little random situation or conversation to another over the period of a day or so.

I’m sort of torn on how I feel about this movie.  On the one hand, Linklater does a great job of capturing the sort of random conversations people have and self-important monologues people like to spout to their friends (or anyone else that will listen), but then on the other hand, it reminded me why I can’t stand listening to all of that sort of philosophical BS.

Fortunately, Linklater is aware of this, it seems, as he does include a few characters that aren’t afraid to call BS on the other characters.  Plus, the movie is called Slacker, so that might indicate his opinion on some of these people as well.  They’ve got a lot of ideas about politics, life, etc, but nobody seems to be following through with what they’re saying.

The acting ranges from decent to poor, as I’m guessing most of these people had not acted much before or after this movie.  Having seen Linklater’s later movies, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (which are both basically just people walking and talking), I can say that it takes higher quality actors to really make it seem like they’re not acting.  In those movies, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy seem much more natural than a lot of the people in Slacker.

If you can stand listening to artist types talk about a wide range of topics, including conspiracy theories and random life philosophies, you might be able to stomach this movie.  If not…well, I have a feeling this is the kind of film that some people would absolutely hate.

Oh, and for added fun, keep count of how many times you see a boom microphone.  I counted 3, but I may have missed some.

When somebody starts rattling off a bizarre conspiracy theory, just nod politely, smile, and back away slowly.

10 – 3 because a lot of the conversations and people are annoying – 1 for some poor acting – .5 for too many boom mic appearances = 5.5