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ma'am, would you like us to escort you out of this movie?


Jim Caviezel, Rhona Mitra, Frankie Faison, Colm Feore

Rennie: We have a lot in common, you and me.
Molly: People in our lives get run over.
Rennie: Perfect fit.

A sadistic killer is stalking the highways in his Cadillac Eldorado, running people down ruthlessly.  James “Rennie” Cray (Caviezel) is the only one trying to stop him and the only one who can save Molly (Mitra), a woman who is being stalked by the highway killer after surviving an earlier attack.

Glad this one was free on-demand…

Though, I will say, it was good for a laugh or two.  Despite the ridiculousness of the quote above, this is not a comedy.  In fact, everything, including that exchange, is played with the utmost seriousness.  Which makes it even funnier.  Want some more bad dialogue?  How about this confusing exchange:

Molly: Did you mean to hit him?
Rennie: I didn’t know much about driving back then.  You know it’s basic obstacle avoidance.  You’re not supposed to look at the thing you’re trying to avoid, or you’ll drive right into it.  All I know is, I was lookin’ at him.

That’s Rennie talking about ramming the killer’s car with his own car after witnessing the guy run over his wife.  Now, first of all, he had to already be in his 30s when that happened, so why he said he didn’t know much about driving, I don’t know.  Plus, going by the flashback to the incident we see, I’m pretty sure he meant to crash into the guy!

After that ugly incident, the killer was brought back from near death, but had to have several limbs replaced, which left him looking like some sort of early model Terminator.  Except, much less scary.  I think the movie would have been better served to never even show the guy in the car, sort of like Spielberg’s early movie, Duel.

This is a stupid movie.  There’s nothing original about it, the dialogue is terrible (though, amusingly so), and the performances from Caviezel and Mitra are so bland that I would have trouble even paying them if I was the makers of this movie.  The only one who brings anything interesting to his performance is Faison, as a traffic accident investigator.  He at least tries to inject some energy into this otherwise stale production.  The car chases are dull, except for maybe the one where the killer drags another car behind his on its roof, but it’s not staged very well, so it still doesn’t really work.  Plus, where are all the other people in the world??  Every chase seems to happen on a road with absolutely no other cars, even in the middle of town.

If you want a few laughs and need a movie to give the MST3K treatment to, by all means, check this one out.  If you’re looking for a quality action/thriller, skip it.

Look both ways…

10 – 3.5 for bad acting and bad dialogue – 2 for being totally unoriginal and bland – .6 for some poorly staged action sequences + .1 for the unintentional laughs = 4.0