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it will not go around you...it will not go over you...it will go through you.


Mohammad Amir Naji, Shabnam Akhlaghi, Hamed Aghazi

Karim: You can’t in a thousand years clean that place!
Hussein: We’ll clean it.  Then, when we fill it with water, we can put 100,000 fish in it!
Karim: Do you know how much 100,000 fish is!?
Hussein: Well, it’s 100,000 fish…

Karim (Naji) works on an ostrich ranch, but is fired when an ostrich escapes.  Soon after, while venturing into Tehran on his motorcycle to find a replacement hearing aide for his daughter, Karim is mistaken for a motorcycle taxi.  He sees an opportunity to earn some cash that way, so he begins going into town to act as a taxi every day, all the while trying to provide for his family.

I’m sure if I was more versed in Iranian culture, I’d be able to find all the intended meanings in this movie, but even as is, it’s still a pretty enjoyable film.

Karim (looking distractingly like Judd Hirsch at times)  is a hard working man who desires to be the sole provider for his wife and kids.  Any attempts by his family, especially the kids, to help earn money for the family only brings Karim shame.  His son, Hussein (Aghazi), and friends have a crazy idea about raising fish in an old drainage…sewer…sort of place.  They’re convinced they can become millionaires via the scheme, but Karim forbids it.  Not that that stops Hussein.  Meanwhile, daughter Haniyeh (Shabnam Akhlaghi) resorts to selling roses on the side of the road.

His family wants nothing more than to take some of the burden off of Karim, but again, that sort of thinking is more of an insult to Karim than it is kindness.  Though, eventually Karim might just learn the hard way that it might be a good idea to let his family help out in the providing department.

I’m sure there are social commentaries going on here about family structure and modern city life versus more traditional life in Iran, but as I mentioned previously, I’m not qualified to try to delve into all of that.  I’ll leave that to you.

I can say that I mostly liked the characters, there’s some good dialogue, and lots of nice, interesting visuals.  The fish (many many fish) out of water scene alone makes it worth a viewing.

Oh, and ostriches kind of scare me for some reason…

I would not want to be an ostrich rancher.

10 – 1.5 because it tends to drag a bit here and there – 1 for being a little too sugar-coated and easy with its resolutions = 7.5