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oh dear, I'm out of coffee...I wonder if he'd notice if I just drank his...


Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard, Stanley Holloway

Laura (thinking to herself): I wish you’d stop talking.  I wish you’d stop prying and trying to find things out.  I wish you were dead.  NO, I don’t mean that.  That was silly and unkind.  But I wish you’d stop talking.

Laura (Johnson) is a married, mother of two who meets a doctor, Alec (Howard), who is also married, and the two unexpectedly fall in love.

There are moments in this movie that I actually kind of loved, but the stuff in between is rather plodding.  The parts I like the best are some of Laura’s internal monologues about her conflicted emotions.  Her worry that strangers around her know her inner thoughts and are judging her because of them is interesting.  The guilt is eating away at her, but she can’t help herself.  Alec is the first exciting thing that’s happened to her in a very long time, and she can’t resist the feeling she gets from being with him.

That stuff is done well, mostly due to good performances, especially from Celia Johnson, but overall it feels a bit repetitive and slow.  The idea is compelling, but it’s a hard premise to stretch out over a full movie.  I could only take so many “no, we can’t” and “this is wrong, but I love you,” type comments before my attention wavered.

Still, the beginning and end are good, and I liked the way we see one scene in particular from two different perspectives, one of which gives the scene so much more weight and sadness.

Pretty good movie, not great.

Don’t be so boring and English, your wife might stray…

10 – 3 for a midsection that just drags too much = 7.0