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I wonder...if giraffes could talk...what would they say? and would anybody listen?


Josh Lucas, Jon Hamm, James Van Der Beek, Rhona Mitra, Morena Baccarin

Note:  clearly there was not much to choose from.

Diploma: If you want to get this thing up on time, you’re going to need another man.
Byrnes: I don’t need your calculations, college boy.
Diploma: Love you too, Burns.

Eight years after his son disappeared, a police detective, Tom (Hamm), believes that another child’s body, 50 years dead but only recently discovered, might hold clues as to what happened to his own child.  As Tom investigates, we go back to 1958 and see the story of Matthew, a loving father whose wife commits suicide, leaving him to take care of his kids alone while searching for work.

I’ve been sitting here staring at the comments section for a few minutes now, not knowing what to write.  I just watched this movie a couple days ago and I barely remember it.  Usually when I watch a movie, I hear 2 or 3 possible quotes that will go in the Good Quote section, but when this one was over, I had nothing written down.  I had to go back and watch a few parts again to see if there was anything clever or interesting said by anybody, and the quote two sections above is close as I found to something clever.

That’s not to say that this is a particularly bad movie.  It’s not, it just seemed more suited for the Lifetime channel maybe.  It’s very serious, but not overly dramatic.  Dark, but not violent.  Everything is toned down to room temperature.

The performances are fine, particularly Josh Lucas, but again the dialogue is so standard that none of the actors really have much to work with.  Also, we see one character in 1958 and then again 50 years later, in both cases played by the same actor.  The make up job is…well…it’s not convincing.

There’s some nice atmosphere here and there, and as I said, the performances are all solid.  But with such dark material, I thought there needed to be more emotional extremes.  As is, it’ll probably just fade from my memory and disappear…like a kid from a roadside diner.  (I know, tasteless.)

Keep an eye on your kids, mkay?

10 – 2.1 for being so bland – 2.1 for weak, uninspired dialogue = 5.8