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so which is better, being a postal worker or being a barber?


John Ratzenberger, Shelly Cole, Cindy Pickett, George McRae

Judge: What I cannot condone is a good citizen such as yourself throwing citations at police officers and telling members of the police department to, and here, i’m quoting…”to shove it up their ever loving a**,” while hitting them in the groin with your car door!

After his partner dies, the sole barber in a small town barbershop struggles to keep it in business.  Art (Ratzenberger) is forced to hire Gloria (Cole) as a new barber, and she begins to change some of Art’s old fashioned ways in order to bring in new clients, and money, to the barbershop.

Gee, what an original story.  A widower with a small business can’t pay the rent and might get it closed down by the jerk son in law of the deceased owner, when suddenly a young, quirky person comes into his life to save the day…and to just maybe teach him how to enjoy living life again.

There’s nothing new here, plot-wise, which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that most of the supporting characters are just over the top caricatures of real people.  The jerky son in law is like something out of a bad 80s college/beach movie.  That performance is just painful to watch.  As are a few others.

Ratzenberger and Cole are actually pretty good, but the story is so predictable that none of it really feels authentic or interesting.  Then when you throw in silly moments like the montage of potential barbers (a parade of stereotypes), it becomes sort of agonizing.

When it’s just Art and Gloria, it’s a fairly watchable movie.  When all the other quirky characters start floating in and out of scenes, it comes to a grinding halt.  Simplicity can be a very good thing some times.  This is a movie begging for less plotting and more time spent on just a few characters’ interactions.  The rest of the characters are just filler.

It’s okay for a man to get a haircut from a female barber.

10 – 2 for having such a standard, predictable story – 2.5 for silly, obnoxious characters – .5 for too many scenes with angsty acoustic songs playing = 5.0