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I can think of 300 reasons why I wouldn't want to date you...


Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Bree Turner, Eric Winter

Abby: Do you realize that I once had the Archbishop Desmond Tutu on this show?
Mike: Who’s that?
Abby: I can’t even demonstrate how far I’ve fallen because you’re not smart enough to get the references.

Abby (Heigl) is the producer of a morning show that is suffering in the ratings.  Her boss hires the loud-mouthed host of a local cable show called The Ugly Truth to spice things up and boost ratings.  Abby has a problem with the new host, Mike (Butler), but soon is asking for advice from him on how to win the heart of the doctor who lives next door to her.

There’s really not a moment of this movie that isn’t totally predictable.  It’s as formulaic as they come, but I have to admit that I enjoyed Heigl and Butler’s interactions to a certain extent.  Not enough to say it’s a good movie, but enough to say that it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.  The problem is, despite the enjoyable interactions, it gets tiring because there’s never a doubt as to where the plot is going, so it all seems pointless.  I suppose that’s common in romantic comedies, but it’s especially true here.

The supporting characters aren’t given much to do either, which is usually a sign of lackluster writing.  Cheryl Hines and John Michael Higgins are pretty good as co-anchors of the morning show, but their act is fairly one note and eventually grows tiresome as well.  Abby’s dream doctor, Colin (Winter), is exceedingly boring, which is one more factor in the predictability of the plot.

Another tradition of romantic comedies is to borrow (aka steal) ideas and scenes from other comedies, and recycle them with a subtle twist.  This movie is guilty of that too, most glaringly when it steals the ear microphone scene from Roxanne.  Abby wears a mic in her ear on her date with Colin and is instructed on what to say by Mike who is sitting nearby.  Of course, he ends up cursing about something unrelated, leading to Abby idiotically repeating everything he says, confusing Colin.  Hilarity.

Yeah, that’s about the level this movie is operating on.  It wastes a pair of good lead performances on material that’s all been done before and to better effect.

Be a jerk, women love that.

10 – 2 for being overly predictable – 2.1 for some weak writing and boring supporting cast = 5.9