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Paul, wooing another lucky lady...


Brendan Bradley, Russell Garofalo, Elizabeth Wood, Peter Riegert

Ray: What happened??
Paul: I fell.
Ray: Where?
Paul: Down.

A socially awkward man, Paul (Bradley), films women from a distance, hoping to learn as much about them as he can.  When Paul meets a woman who seems to enjoy filming as much as he does, he thinks he’s finally met someone he can be himself with.

Creepy movie.  Creepy, creepy movie…

I think it’s made creepier by the fact that it’s supposed to be somewhat comedic and that we’re actually supposed to feel some sort of sympathy for Paul.  The movie at least acknowledges that it’s totally inappropriate behavior, mostly through Paul’s best friend Ray (Garofalo).  Although, we learn very early on that Ray is also a bit jealous of the attention Paul focuses on these women he films.

Ultimately, it’s the performance of Brendan Bradley that really made me uncomfortable.  It seems like he’s about to snap and murder everyone within a 5 mile radius at any second.  Though, he’d probably do it with a calm, creepy smile on his face…and film it all.

We eventually do see some explanation as to why Paul has resorted to this type of behavior, but that explanation doesn’t make it any less creepy.  In fact, it kind of adds a Norman Bates factor to the whole thing.

Have I used the word “creepy” enough times?

I guess the creepiness wouldn’t be so bad if it were a little bit better made movie.  We don’t get the best acting in the world, the script isn’t very funny or interesting, and it just sort of has a cheap feel to it.  I really found nothing much enjoyable about this one at all, other than a couple of funny moments involving Ray insulting Paul’s little habit.

More charm, less creepy = better movie.

10 – 2 for being too creepy – 2 for a mostly unfunny, not interesting script – 1.1 for some subpar acting = 4.9