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Various farmers and food experts.

Michael Pollan: There are no seasons in the American supermarket.  Now there are tomatoes all year round, grown halfway around the world, picked when it was green, and ripened with ethylene gas.  Although it looks like a tomato, it’s kind of a notional tomato.  I mean, it’s the idea of a tomato.

A look at the U.S. food industry and how unsafe and unhealthy it has become.

Any time you watch a documentary, you have to just assume that all the information and data being thrown at you is factual and not just some random stuff that the filmmakers made up.  Though, in the case of this movie, I found myself hoping that a lot of it wasn’t true because it was making me never want to eat anything again…ever.  Of course, I quickly got over that once the movie was over and went back to eating my microwave pizzas and Tyson chicken strips.  But I wasn’t happy about it!

It’s fascinating to see how much control only a few companies have over all of our food and how the industry is skewed towards the unhealthy.  Healthy foods = expensive, Unhealthy = cheap, thus it’s often the case that the poorer you are, the less healthy you can afford to eat.

I would say the movie is one-sided, only telling the side of the story from the farmers and consumers, but evidently none of the food companies would participate.  Not surprising, really, but probably a little telling.  Also telling is the fact that those companies will sue just about anybody that might even remotely stand in the way of making money.  In fact, I’m wondering if I’ll get sued just for writing anything negative about the companies in question.  That would be fun.  I’m sure my page hits would go up at least!

While it’s not one of the most attention-holding documentaries I’ve seen, it’s certainly a very interesting one.  Plus, it will have you lingering a little longer in the organic foods section of your grocery store from this point on I’d imagine.

Apparently corn is a magical food that can be turned into anything…ANYTHING.

10 – 2 for a few dull, repetitive sections (you can only watch so many shots of fields and farms before your attention starts to wane) = 8.0