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don't worry, I'll be alright...I'm the only female in the movie, they can't kill me off...


Ben Foster, Dennis Quaid, Antje Traue, Cam Gigandet, Cung Le, Eddie Rouse

Bower: What the hell are they?
Nadia: Never quite felt like sticking around to find out.  Running is the best option.

Bower (Foster) and Payton (Quaid) awake from cryosleep to find that the spaceship they’re traveling on seems to be having some problems.  The crew is nowhere in site and not much is working on board the ship.  As they try to figure out where, and when, they are, clues as to what happened to the ship start to be revealed.

Good idea, bad execution.  It happens a lot in movies, and it’s frustrating to watch.  This seems like lazy writing/film-making to me.  They take a good premise, that could lead to a lot of interesting, emotional content, and they turn it into a silly monster movie.  One that’s like every other monster/alien movie made since Alien.  In fact, the sets here look like something straight out of the Aliens movies.  Meanwhile, the creatures tormenting the crew are lifted straight out of The Descent (but with a few spikes thrown on to make them seem different).

There’s a lot of acrobatic fighting and people surviving things that they have no business surviving.  Blood, guts, dirt, grime, general ugliness…it’s all there.

“Pandorum” refers to sort of SPACE MADNESS that has affected at least one person on board – I’ll not spoil that for you – resulting in them creating the initial problems which doomed the ship.  I would have called it Alien Descent, since those are the two movies it borrows the most heavily from.

The performances are phoned in, but adequate for an action/horror movie, and the effects are decent.  The whole thing is so dark and ugly, though, that it’s hard to even tell what’s going on sometimes.

Again, an intriguing story is put on the back burner so we can concentrate on standard monster attacks and lots of shots of people walking around a dark spaceship.  Just go watch Aliens and The Descent back-to-back and you’ll get the same effect in a much more enjoyable package.

Before you go into cryosleep for a long time, write down any important facts you might need to know when you wake up because you will have to deal with some memory loss upon waking.

10 – 3.1 for the same old dull monster/action sequences we’ve seen many a time before – 1 because it’s just so dark and ugly – .7 for mostly phoned-in performances = 5.2