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am I gonna have to STAB you with two knives...?


Jason Ritter, Jess Weixler, Jesse L. Martin, Tracie Thoms

Peter: What are you doing?
Vandy: Don’t start with me.
Peter: I’m just trying to figure out what you’re doing.
Vandy: I’m trying to be nice.
Peter: Are you using two knives to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich??
Vandy: Yeah, uh…I don’t wanna get the peanut butter in the jelly jar.
Peter: Well –
Vandy: Don’t start with me.
Peter: Okay…
Vandy: What does it matter??  I mean, you’re gonna get the sandwich and it’s gonna taste the same!  What’s the problem, peter!?

A couple struggles through the ups and downs of their relationship.

As I started to watch this movie, my thoughts went immediately to another movie I saw from 2009, (500) Days of Summer.  There’s some obvious similarities between the two, especially structure wise.  Both jump around in the time line of a relationship, showing how they met, what problems they had, the subtle way relationships change over time, etc.  There is a difference in story, though.  In this case, both Peter (Ritter) and Vandy (Weixler) are in love with each other, unlike Tom and Summer in (500) Days of Summer.  Tom was in love…Summer made a point of saying she was not.

They also differ as movies in that this one is the lesser of the two.  It’s not bad, it’s just not as entertaining.  Plus, I thought Peter was a bit too much of a jerk at times.  It made me wonder why Vandy, who could also be a little antagonizing, put up with him.  We also didn’t see a lot of reasons behind his growing discontent in the relationship.  Instead, he just says it, and we’re left not feeling very sympathetic towards him.

I give the writer/director, Jay DiPietro credit though for the way the movie is structured.  It’s interesting to try to figure out exactly when in their relationship certain events take place.  You think you’re watching them after they’ve just met, but then later you realize this moment might be after a break up.  It’s confusing in a good way.  (500) Days of Summer worked around this by showing us which day of the 500 things happened on.  That worked for that movie, but wouldn’t have been appropriate here since we’re meant to be a little confused as to when everything happened.

Ritter is alright, but not the most likable actor in the world, while Weixler is better and more likable (and quite cute).  I think maybe we need to get Tom from (500) Days of Summer together with Vandy, and then we might just have the perfect couple.

I already knew this, but just use one knife when you’re making a PB&J sammich, people, c’mon.

10 – 1.4 for a somewhat unlikable performance/character – 1.6 because the story probably could have been a little more interesting, amusing = 7.0