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yeah, good idea...this is much better than the train...


Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman

Peter: You know, maybe right before whenever you’re about to take out your tooth, you should say something like, ‘please forgive this,’ because it’s kind of –
Francis: Can you back away a little?  You just spit in my eye.

Three brothers travel across India in a train, hoping to bond with each other along the way.  Their ultimate goal is to find their mother who has disappeared from their lives, but the various adventures they have along the way is what will really bring them together…or make them want to kill each other.

Wes Anderson movies.  When you hear that phrase, you pretty much know what you’re going to get.  You know the kind of humor you’re going to see and you know what general tone the movie is going to have.  Chances are, you’re also going to see a group of characters that alternate between bonding and driving each other crazy.  Oh, and you’ll probably hear a pretty good soundtrack too.

This movie is no exception to those rules, although I think it might be one of his least widely accessible movies to date.  Not because it’s bad, but because of its ambiguous, fractured nature.  The conversations between Francis (Wilson), Peter (Brody), and Jack (Schwartzman) are all over the place, with everybody interrupting each other and jumping from subject to subject.  I think it might be a little alienating to people who aren’t die hard Anderson fans, but those conversations are where the real humor lies.  There’s a lot of quick little lines that make me laugh even after multiple viewings.

So, if you are a fan, I don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy this movie.  It’s not my favorite in the Anderson catalog, but it’s pretty good.  All three of the brothers are interesting characters, and all 3 performances are good as well.  I think Adrien Brody is gradually becoming one of my favorite actors.  He can do drama and sympathetic really well, but his comic timing is also impressive.

There’s a lot of nice (in its own way) scenery, some funny supporting characters, and one really sad but touching detour along the way.  It seems like a strange turn for the film to take, but it’s really the only situation that was going to be able to bring the brothers together finally.

As I said, it’s not the best that Anderson has to offer, but if you like his style of film making, I’d recommend you check it out.  If you don’t like his previous films…yeah, you probably won’t like this one either.

Don’t trust little kids in India who want to shine your shoes…or just don’t wear $3,000 shoes in India in the first place.

10 – 1.6 for being a little frustrating and inaccessible at times – .7 for feeling a bit overlong even though it’s only 91 minutes = 7.7