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we just wanted to tell you that we think your outfit looks stupid...


Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, Adrienne Shelly, Cheryl Hines, Jeremy Sisto, Andy Griffith

Jenna: I should never have drank!  I do stupid things when I drink…like sleep with my husband.

Jenna (Russell) is an expert pie maker and works as a waitress at a small diner that sells her pies.  She’s been saving money to finally leave her abusive husband, but when she finds out she’s pregnant, escape seems impossible.  Then she meets her new doctor who is everything that her husband is not…except for married.

I really like this movie.  It has a certain something that’s hard to define.  Maybe “heart” would be the right word.  And right at the center of that heart is a great performance by Keri Russell.  I’d never really seen her in anything else, but she definitely won me over with this one.  She has a tough job.  She must charm the audience despite the fact that she’s having an affair with a married man.  We can sympathize with her straying from her no good husband, but Dr. Pomatter (Fillion) has a loving wife.  His indiscretion is a bit harder to overlook.  Though, Nathan Fillion is likable enough to make us (and Jenna) forget about that too.  I guess the two keys are that Jenna has to be charming and sympathetic enough that we’d believe the doc couldn’t help himself, and the abusive husband storyline has to be serious enough that we’d actually root for Jenna to cheat on him.  Mission accomplished, I suppose.

The men in this movie don’t come out looking too good.  Most are either too needy, too mean, or just general losers.  Though, I guess the women don’t fare much better.  They’re either cheating on their husbands or they’re so desperate that they’ll settle from one of said general losers.

Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Shelly are both good as Jenna’s waitress friends.  Sadly, though, this was Shelly’s last time directing and acting, as she was murdered just before the release of the film.  Every time I watch it, I feel a bit sad seeing her as Dawn because she’s just so darned likable and funny.

I guess if you’re going to be remembered for your last film, this is a good one to be remembered by.  It’s funny, looks good, has good performances, good romantic chemistry between the leads, and good general chemistry between everybody.

Oh, and there’s lots of pie.

Seems like you can make a pie out of just about anything…

10 – 1 for a character that’s just too over the top – .4 for the end being a little oversimplified to an unrealistic degree = 8.6