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is this your page, Jimmy? get it? ...'cause of your last name...


Jimmy Page, The Edge, Jack White

Jack White: The three of us get together, what’s gonna happen?  …Probably a fist fight.

Documentary featuring 3 performers who have been innovative in their playing of the electric guitar.

Even though I kept thinking to myself that it seems like Jack White isn’t really worthy of being included with these other two guitar legends, I must admit that the three of them had an interesting dynamic going on.

I think White was in awe of both The Edge and Page, while The Edge was just in awe of getting to be there and jam with Page.  Meanwhile, Page seems to still have a youthful exuberance about playing that allows him to be interested in whatever he might be able to learn from the other two guys.  You can tell Jimmy Page is truly living whenever he’s got a guitar in his hands.

While they don’t delve so deeply into the technical side of things that it could alienate some viewers, there is some talk of amps and distortion, etc, so if you’re looking for that sort of thing, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  My favorite scene might be where The Edge demonstrates how much is being done by all the foot pedals and effects.  When he turns everything off, he reveals that he’s just going back and forth between strumming two simple chords.  Turn everything back on and it sounds like some amazing riff.  It was almost like watching a magician reveal how his tricks are done.

The movie might drag a little bit here and there, but it always picks up again pretty quickly.  Even the explorations of each guitarist’s past is done in an interesting enough way that you don’t feel like you’re just watching some VH1 special.  It’s filmed more like a movie than a documentary, so it just has a bigger feel to it.

Now, by the end of the movie, you might be getting a little tired of raucous electric guitar music (I’ll admit that I was), but…well, you can’t say they didn’t warn you right there in the title.

There are a lot of different ways to make interesting music on the guitar.

10 – 1 for a few slow patches here and there – .5 because Jack White and his music can be annoying at times = 8.5