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A bunch of gamers.

Gordon: Humans want to be more than what they are.  We are driven to be more than what we are all the time, and this is one outlet to let people experience some of that.

A documentary focusing on the lives of several people who spend a large amount of time playing online video games.

Well, this was interesting and reasonably entertaining, but at the same time it was rather depressing.  Basically we’re introduced to a bunch of characters with personalities that you would expect from people who play video games for 10+ hours a day.  That’s not to say they aren’t mostly nice, likable people, because they are.  There’s just a certain social disconnect that seems present in most of them.  Which kind of makes me wonder why I never got into online video games.  I guess movies are my escape of choice…

But enough about me!  In the movie, we see how some people have had relationships, jobs, and health destroyed in some cases due to these games.  The addictive nature of it is obvious, but some people just manage it better than others.

There’s also a heavy focus on various couples that met each other online while playing the video game hundreds or thousands of miles apart from each other.  They fall in love online, but eventually have to face the reality of a face to face relationship.  It’s clear that that transition can be a rocky one.

This isn’t as entertaining as King of Kong, but it’s still a nice little inside look at the mentality of a group of people that is much larger than you might think.  There are a LOT of people playing these games.

The movie has sort of a negative, cautionary tone to it, but at the same time I think it still has sympathy and fondness for the various gamers.

I learned more about World of Warcraft and Everquest than I really ever wanted to know…

10 – 1.2 for it being a little too depressing – 1.4 for feeling sort of overlong and dragging near the end = 7.4