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will you please tell your little blue dog to stop staring at me?


Hubbel Palmer, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kathleen Quinlan, William Baldwin

Truman: I think the motor in that might be broken.  I can fix it for you if you’d like.
Peggy: That’s okay, I like it that way.  It reminds me that I’m not the only thing that’s broken around here.

A rather overweight fellow named Tracy (Palmer) has trouble fitting in with society, partly due to his weight and partly due to his odd nature.  He works at a grocery store and dreams of passing his driving test and also of becoming an actor, but when Tracy is too trusting of a new employee at the store, his life takes an unfortunate turn.

This movie really wants to be charming, authentic, and clever, but for the most part I found it to be annoying.  William Baldwin’s character seems completely unreal, Quinlan, as the mother, is unlikable throughout, and Tracy himself is just not a very appealing character.  Maybe he just looks and sounds too much like Penn Jillette for me to enjoy his performance.  I guess Palmer does a fine job of playing the character, but he’s kind of a jerk in his own right, and it just doesn’t make sense for him to be so gullible.  He’s not Forrest Gump after all.

Peggy was definitely the most likable character on display.  If may not have been anything new for Mary Lynn Rajskub, but at least she’s good at what she does.

By the end of this one, I was tired of it.  It just has a sort of mean, annoying feel to it for most of the running time.  It brings up issues, like Tracy (and his mother) using food as a comfort mechanism, but it never really goes anywhere with them.  The comedy is hit and miss, but more miss than hit.

The soundtrack was okay, though.  So that’s something…

Keeping a box of powdered doughnuts under your bed is a nice way to satisfy those midnight cravings.

10 – 3.5 for the generally mean/annoying tone and characters – 1 for not often succeeding at its attempts to be funny – .5 for not really delving into some issues deeper = 5.0