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that's the cool thing about being the writer AND the star...I get to write in a bunch of scenes where I make out with the hot girl...and that's you.


Spencer Berger, Brian D. Phelan, Gabriel Tigerman, Kerry Knuppe, Jennifer Batter

Max: You know how most people…they aren’t very good…at things…but they sort of lie to themselves and they say that they are?
Tommy: No…
Max: Well, I guess I’m not a very good liar.

After the play he wrote is a complete failure, Max (Berger) impulsively turns to committing robberies because it makes him feel like he’s doing something he’s actually good at.  His outlook on life improves, but his criminal habits might eventually be his, and his friends’, downfall.

This is a pretty silly little movie that’s moderately amusing at times and somewhat stylish in its direction.  It just doesn’t amount to much.

This falls into that category of movies where the writer is also the star, and you can tell that he wanted to write something profound about society or the human condition, and he just couldn’t stand to have somebody else say his words, so he had to be the star.  Okay, I don’t actually know if that’s the case, but that’s how it often feels.  Usually the lead is written as somewhat of a loser, but only because his genius is misunderstood by society.  He influences the people around him for the better by breaking away from the societal norms and shaking things up.  Not that I have a problem with breaking away from society and not just going with the flow, but I wouldn’t go on an ego trip and write a movie about it.

Max doesn’t seem like a hero to me, and despite the utterly ridiculous scene in a bank at the end, I don’t think he’d seem like a hero to most people.  Maybe I’m missing a deeper social commentary on the public’s fascination with criminals, but even if this movie is operating on a deeper level, I still don’t think it’s all that good.

Yes, amusing at times, and yes a few inventive (and not so inventive) directorial touches, but not enough to get a recommendation from me.

Banks are really easy to rob.

10 – 1 for some annoying characters – 1.5 for only being moderately successful in its attempts at comedy – 2 for the whole self-righteous feel = 5.5